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Blue Horse Studios located in Vancouver Washington established in 2001 is a Creative Arts Studios specializing in Airbrushing, Graphics and PC modding. From clay forms, to mold making, airbrush , vinyl graphics,customized PC design and much more, we have you covered in one shop.We ensure everything we create has been regarded to our clients desires.


"Ron built a customized PC for me and I've never been happier. He is a delight to work with and is always there to answer any questions I may have. If you are looking for a new computer, I would check with Ron as he is a pro and very reasonable cost wise. Thank you again Ron for everything!" -Brenda Walsh

Brenda Walsh

An artist and sculptor who thrives on being around creative people, Ron started painting and making dioramas as an infant and never looked back. While his work has made the cover of CPU Magazine twice, Ron is less interested in hardware than he is with exploring the possibilities of PC cases as unique 3D canvases. Working out of Blue Horse Studios in Vancouver, his work uses illustration, airbrush painting and clay-work to explore the intersection of art and technology. From sculpting, molding and resin casting, to glasswork, vinyl graphics and even ambient lighting, Ron’s intuitive understanding and technique allow him to create scratch builds that catch the breath of anyone lucky enough to see them. He also knows how to put together a pretty good video, integrating sound, graphics and videoclips from other media to fully immerse the viewer in his process. His YouTube worklogs detailing the painstaking work that goes into his mods attract thousands of views from people seeking to to develop their own skills. Just take a peek at his Cooler Master HAF Stacker 915 ALIENS case mod, the Half Life build he put together for us at CES 2014, or his latest MasterCase build cooked up for Computex 2015, to see what we mean. All-in-all Cooler Master is proud to support Ron, not least because both he and regular modding partner Lee Harrington believe only in integrating products they would use themselves in their work - that makes us warm and happy inside. Looking forward, we’re going to be working closely with Ron and others like him to help develop flexible, modular products that offer more choice, both technically and aesthetically. We hope that process will involve not just professionals, but as many of our fans and supporters as possible - working together so we can give you exactly what you need to express yourself and your ideas.

Cooler Master

The ALIENS Mod looks awesome,When you said it would be ALIENS themed, you weren't kidding. Seems like you get almost every detail, even down to the Weyland-Yutani logos?


Some people are fine with staying in a comfort zone and never venturing out of this “safety zone”, this however is not Ron Lee Christianson of Blue Horse Studios. Although Ron has really only been on the modding scene for a short time compared to some of the other heavy hitters. Ron never fails to impress the community with each new mod, adding new skills and techniques to his already impressive portfolio.

Modders INC

STEAMPUNK Time Machine by Ron Lee Christianson is one of the best Mods of 2015. Ron is not only a Computer Case Modder and builder but an amazing artist.

Extreme PC Mod

STEAMPUNK Time Machine from Ron Lee, who wouldn’t want this on their desktop!


Ron Lee Christianson’s work has appeared in CPU’s “Mad Reader Mod” feature on three occasions, including his Iron Man Mod in the January 2013 issue, his Half-Life Black Mesa project in the May 2014 issue, and of course the mod he created with Jon “PennyWise” Hansz based on The Witcher, which appeared in the April issue this year.

CPU Magazine

"Your mods are so impressive because you clearly have a firm grasp of so many areas, from design and paint to custom metal fabrication and sculpting"

CPU Magazine

One of the most visually striking mods at Computex was the elaborate Steampunk Time Machine system by Ron Lee Christianson. We can't say for sure that H.G. Wells would approve, but the steampunk theme certainly seems well executed, and we have to feel sympathy for the disembodied guy living up front. -Matt Safford

Computer Shopper

"The 5 best gaming PCs and case mods at Computex 2016. This machine was one of the finalists in the 2015 Thermaltake CaseMOD invitational. Built around one of Thermaltake’s Core X9 cases, Christianson’s work has made it completely unrecognisable," Trusted Reviews (02/06)

Trusted Reviews

"Our pick of the show, this Steampunk creation is one of the more detailed mods we've seen in a long time. This mod wins serious points for its paint job and for the small details around the outside", CNET (02/06)



  • Ron Lee Christianson


    Ron Lee Christianson

    Artist / Sculptor/PC Modder.

    I’ve been painting and sculpting from such an early age and specialize in airbrush graphics and customized PCs

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