OverWatch Winston Scratch Built PC

I was asked by Lee Harrington from PCjunkieMods to help build a project based on the new OverWatch game developed by Blizzard for Intel and CES. We had about 3 weeks to complete this project from scratch,and our work was cut out for us on this one. Traveling from Portland to Stockton California to meet up with Lee at his shop,we hit the ground…stumbling out of the gate. We ran into some serious design issues that cut into our 3 week deadline but working together we solved those problems and came up with a pretty awesome build.

We started with a Dimastech test bench as our platform and scratch built everything around it. We used clay, foam, fiberglass,polystyrene,and RTV silicone mold and resin castings to complete our build. Working 15-18 days we finish up our project 1 day shy of our deadline.

Special thanks to PCjunkieMods and Intel

Winston can be viewed currently at the E3 2016 June 14-16th

Los Angeles Convention Hall

Microsoft Booth