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Finns Storm Trooper Helmet

This helmet started out as a 3D printed model and was in need of some body work before I could add all the cool paint effects.I laid down several coats of putty, sanded smooth then applied a few coats of primer filler.Next, I applied some battle damaged followed by some dirt and scratch effect.Finally, I added the bloody hand print.

 img_0154 img_0180 img_0194 img_0195 img_0196

Winston OverWatch Mod Episode 3

This is the final episode in the Winston OverWatch build from PcjunkieMods and Blue Horse Studios.

We were down to crunch time,and still had so much to do,sanding, painting, installing the system, applying all the graphics and bending the rigid tubing for the custom loop.It was the start of a 32 hour work day and time was ticking away, watch it all unfold here!

Mod In Taiwan 2016

In Win 30th Anniversary Casemod Worldwide Invitational

Lee (PCJunkieMods) and I got invited by In Win Development Inc. for its first case modding competition in their factory (Taoyuan City, Taiwan) from May 27th – 29th, 2016.

Along with top modders from around the world, we had 24 hours in a three-day timespan to create an original work of art. In Win provided the designated Computer Chassis, Power Supply, and other computer components from their sponsors.

Lee and I, Team Moongose choose “Spaceship” from one of the 3 themes, Medieval, Military or Spaceship to create our Titan Fall mod. We included a touch panel LCD screen to the front and added armor panels with paint effects and lighting to complete our mod. The interior was decked out with custom hardline tubing, RGB lighting and other paint & aesthetics to pull the entire project together.

All case modding then displayed at the In Win booth at the Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall during Computex 2016.

“It was great experience meeting all the modders, sponsor and staff from In Win, it truly was a experience I’ll never forget”

Lee and I, Team Mongoose placed third with 122.94 points which calculated by the formula of Invited media points, In Win Partners points, Professional Judging points, Onsite Voting points, and Online Voting points. We got 40% of our score from In Win Partners.


More on our build for Mod In Taiwan 2016: Team Mongoose – USA

Steampunk Time Machine at Computex 2016

First Debut in Taipei

During Computex 2016 in Taipei, Taiwan from May 30th – June 3rd 2016, one of my latest mod, Steampunk Time Machine exhibited at Thermaltake booth, Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall.

Glad to see Steampunk Time Machine received great response from the visitors and the media.

“Our pick of the show, this Steampunk creation is one of the more detailed mods we’ve seen in a long time. This mod wins serious points for its paint job and for the small details around the outside”, CNET (02/06)


“The 5 best gaming PCs and case mods at Computex 2016. This machine was one of the finalists in the 2015 Thermaltake CaseMOD invitational. Built around one of Thermaltake’s Core X9 cases, Christianson’s work has made it completely unrecognisable,” Trusted Reviews (02/06)


“The best PC mods of Computex 2016. One of the most visually striking mods at Computex was the elaborate Steampunk Time Machine system by Ron Lee Christianson. We can’t say for sure that H.G. Wells would approve, but the steampunk theme certainly seems well executed, and we have to feel sympathy for the disembodied guy living up front.” Computer Shopper (06/06)


NVIDIA “Tessie” Airbrush Project


I was asked by BSmods to airbrush some graphics on a IN WIN H-Tower for a big project they were working on for NVIDIA and the release of their new 1080 GPU.

After hours of discussion we decided to paint a dragon based upon the 1080 new tessellation architecture. NVDIA named the dragon “Tessie”.